Managing Research with Mendeley

Managing research with “Mendeley”

Reference writing is very important skills, however even in many peer-reviewed journals many mistakes have been encountered. Mistakes can arise from discrepancies between the source of the reference, and citation attributed to this reference, erroneous placement of the citation in the text, and inaccurate identification of the reference among the list of references. Accurate, and complete recording of the references is one of the basic responsibilities of the authors. With the Mendeley Reference Manager, you can easily organize and search your personal library, annotate documents and cite as you write. It has also superiorities as social networking, and establishing cooperation, and collaboration among users.

  •  Describe the features of Mendeley
  •  How to install Mendeley desktop, Microsoft plugin and web importer
  •  How to organize references in online storage
  •  How to use Mendeley for inserting references in different format in research paper (cite while you write)
  •  How to import references in Mendeley from web
Special Requirements:
  • Internet connection
  • Personal computer / laptop for each participant
Target Audience:
  • Faculty members, residents, researchers
Duration: 2 Hours

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