Greater Control Over Your Studies

Rapidly configure protocols, eCRFs using intuitive tools that require no programming. Monitor your study progress in real-time.

Higher Quality Data

Streamline data capture from both clinical professionals AND patients. Powerful tools for ensuring accurate and timely data. Save time and money on data cleaning.

About EDC

Electronic Data Capture (EDC) is a system, for the collection of trial data in an electronic format for use in clinical trials & RnD provides, real time access to data in clinical studies.

Now a days, electronic data capture softwareis majorly use in clinical studies. The primary users of EDC are:

  • Sites : refers to collaborate and collect data from the patient or any subject involved in clinical studies or by the coordinator who enters data in EDC system. The site’s investigator has authority for reviewing and signing the data.
  • Sponsors : It’s an organization that owns the clinical studies. It may heir the worker to use the EDC system to enter data and site visiting for reviewing and corresponding data verification.
  • CRO : Contract Research Organization or CROs contract with sponsors to organize and conduct clinical studies. In some studies, CRO may effectively operate the study on behalf of the sponsor.

About eTrials

Currently, in Pakistan, the standard way to capture data in clinical studies is paper-based Case Report forms (CRF) to collect study data from different locations and then manually entered in statistical software for analysis.

eTrials is an innovative mode of Electronic data capturing (EDC) system, which is a web-based tool designed to capture clinical study data in digitalized manner.

Below are the features of eTrials

  • Build studies
  • Create eCRFs
  • Design rules/edit checks
  • Schedule patient visits
  • Capture eCRF data from study sites via the web
  • Monitor and manage clinical data
  • Audit trails and electronic signatures
  • Role-based access controls
  • Import/Export Data
  • Extract data for analysis and reporting

Services we offer

Building and Manage research studies
Hands on training for institutions and Health care professionals.

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